Working directly with WTF trademark, you get the following benefits:

  • You do not overpay to resellers;
  • Affordable prices for women  clothes allow to achieve the retail mark-up of 100-200%;
  • The order is fulfilled in no longer than 1 week;
  • The orders are fulfilled just in time, as we do not depend on customs’ whims and the ocean weather;
  • Our experts can help in choosing the assortment for you shop if needed.
  • The buyout of a size set is not necessary;
  • The order is processed the next day after we receive the payment (in case the items are in the warehouse);
  • Delivery to the transportation company is free of charge.

An order can be placed from Monday to Friday 07.00-17.00Moscow time (UTC+4).

We aim at the best results and success of our partners.